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Goldshish is a collection of notes and a few posts from me - a guy named Francesco who lives in Italy, has studied Physics at the University of Padova and now works as a data scientist / software developer.

If you are a student like I was, I hope you find here a bit of the knowledge you seek, and that these resources will make your journey a tiny bit easier. Surely, they were helpful for me, and that’s all the reason there is to share.

Tech Stack

I’m using Astro.js with the excellent theme astro-paper by satnaing (I still suck at writing CSS).

Everything you see here is built to static files (blazingly FAST), which are served by a Docker container via CapRover on a VPS on Oracle Cloud.

(I know, I could just use something like Github Pages/Vercel/Netlify for hosting - but a VPS gives me the flexibility to host anything, so if I need a database in the future it will be easy to add. Also it’s free, and I can move out whenever I want since it’s just a bunch of containers).


Feel free to drop me a mail at