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Published: at 12:22 AM

When I first started going to university, there was a link, shared year to year, pointing to a folder on a cloud storage. Inside, the knowledge accumulated by past students: hours of work put into compiling comprehensive notes, gathering useful study materials, books and exercises.

In the face of such an effor, I was inspired. I was seeing the glimpse of something greater, of the will to store knowledge freely for posterity. And so I wanted to follow that example, and build something too.

This website, goldshish, is the third iteration of my contribution. The first has already disappeared, vanished at the end of its hosting plan. The second is still online.

Here you can find all the notes I gathered over the years - some of them I wrote, some were shared by fellow colleagues, and some were the product of collaboration.

If you want to host a note to this website, just send it as PDF (or .tex) to my mail, and I will promptly update it.

So see you soon, and thanks for all the fish.